Secret Lives of Molecules Webinar: Drug Design in the Nanotechnology Age

Secret Lives of Molecules Webinar: Drug Design within the Nanotechnology Age

For those who’re within the quantum properties of molecules, their electron states, and the way that may have an effect on their habits, or simply chemistry and nanotechnology on the whole, you will wish to watch this webinar. Offered by Joel A. Olson Ph.D., skilled in nano-scale evaluation and imaging of single molecules.

Features a temporary background of nanotechnology, in addition to an outline of a brand new (and patent-pending) methodology of how nanotech evaluation instruments are getting used for the sub-molecular measurement, imaging, and design of potential drug molecules.

There can be a a dialogue about what “nanotechnology” actually means, how the properties of matter change with measurement, the place nanotechnology seems in nature, what quantum tunneling is and a presentation of scanning tunneling microscopy.

In case you are pondering of changing into a chemist or biochemist, you’ll want to watch this.

imaging utilizing scanning tunneling microscope